Roles: UX Designer, UX Researcher

Responsibilities: User research, Creating paper and digital wireframes, Conducting usability studies, Developing low and high- fidelity prototypes, Iterating on designs

Follow along with the process

Follow along with the process


Finding a restaurant isn't always as easy as it should be. This project aims to take the indecision out of picking a place to eat and make meal times a little less stressful.

Some user pain points:

Forgetting to make restaurant reservations

Waiting for a table to become available

Picking a restaurant to eat at


Defining a user journey map based on the personas helps determine use cases and user flows.


I used large, engaging images and a card layout to display restaurant information. The app is designed to walk the user through finding and selecting a restaurant.


A low-fidelity Figma prototype was developed for user testing.


Participants: n = 5

Study type: Unmoderated usability study

Location: USA, remote

Length: 30 minutes

User testing illustrated the most common pain point: deciding where to eat.

Future Iterations

After using testing, I focused more heavily on the "Let us help!" feature, an AI generated restaurant recommender based on user input from several quick questions.

Next Steps

I would improve upon the designs by conducting a moderated usability study to further identify areas of opportunity. Once those insights have been discovered through qualitative means, I would confirm them through a quantitative analysis.